September 2012

How To Calculate Your Life Insurance Needs

How easy would it be for a life insurance agent to say that your needs in case you die is about 750,000$? What would you say then? “Are you sure? Isn’t this coverage a little bit too high for my family, for my budget?” “Absolutely not, you don’t want your family to be in financial trouble if you die, do you?” Hmmm this is the kind of situation you don’t want to live. Having the right life insurance protection is important and of course you want to leave a pretty big amount of money to your spouse and kids if

My Current Life Insurance Policies

As part of my desire to be as transparent as possible, today I wanted to discuss what I have ended up deciding in terms of my life insurance needs (as part of a series on my insurance products). As you will see, there is one part where I will not go into too many details simply because I have a whole post about it to be published later on. My Current Coverage I put a lot of energy into trying to keep my life as simple and easy as possible and most of my insurance needs were accomplished in such

Term Life Insurance

I love talking about term life insurance because it is the point of so many debates. Actually, the debates come from the life insurance companies and not from the independent experts working with life insurance. It’s sad to say but when talking about building a financial protection in case of a death, the only way to go for the very vast majority of families is to use the term life insurance. Here’s why! Let’s take a look at how it works first. Maybe you have already read What Is Life Insurance For Middle Income Families? That means you sure know

Would A Broker Ever Tell You That You Don’t Need Life Insurance?

You have scheduled an appointment with a life insurance agent to assess your needs and you are not quite sure if you need a protection or not or what amount of coverage would be fair enough to cover your financial responsibilities. You, on your part, are quite proactive. On the other hand, can you put all your trust into the next agent crossing your front door? To be quite honest, there are some really professional life insurance agents that will truly be on your side disclosing legitimate reasons why you should buy life insurance or not. But you better be

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