October 2012

How To Become Financially Independent With Life Insurance… Being Middle-Class?

Hey! Who wants money? Who wants to accumulate great riches throughout their life? So much that they can say: I am financially free for the rest of my life? JustĀ  about anybody, right? This time, I would like to make some points clear because I heard so many things regarding this topic: How can I use life insurance to be financially free? Please, take a moment and try to answer this one by yourself. Okay, your moment is up. What have you discovered between life insurance and financially free? Have you made some links whatsoever? What makes the people in

When Reality Strikes, Losing A Business Partner

We never plan for something really bad to happen, but when it happens, we must be prepared. When it comes to running a business, everybody who works closely to this particular business is an important part of it. But being the general manager creates bigger challenges when passing away. That is what happened a year and a half ago. One of my clients, Sebastien, who became one of my best friends along the way, was the production manager for a roofing company. After a couple of pretty rough years of declining sales, the company was gaining back momentum again. My

Life Insurance For Business Partners

  Most people don’t realize that being in business with partners requires a special kind of attention. Basically, you, as a business partner, have selected a partner based on his/her strengths, your complementarities, his/her knowledge, business network, skills, name it! But the main point is that if you are in business and have a bright future with success is because you are together! So what would happen if one of you dies suddenly? What would be the effects on your sales, technical knowledge, your network and your bottom line if the person in charge of it passes away? There is

Types Of Life Insurance

Here is probably the most controversial subject in life insurance. Because there is a big conflict of interest coming from the people selling those products. It is really important to understand the difference between the 3 major life insurance category, in order to better use them, to get properly protected and to pay the lower premium possible. First, I’m going to describe them to you, then how to use them. Whole Life This type of insurance has been around since the beginning of earth. It is the most commonly seen life insurance type in the market, even though the trend

Once Upon A Time… In A Household Near You

Today, I wanted to talk to you about 2 couples I met with recently. Those are actual numbers, premiums, savings, etc. Try it by yourself, you should get the same results! First couple is made of Andre and Sandra. They are 45 years old and living in a beautiful house with 3 kids running all over the place. When we started talking about their numbers, they were wondering how in the world would they start taking control over their debt payments because they are making around 55,000$ between the two of them. Also, they were conscious that their retirement wouldn’t

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