November 2012

Term Life insurance + investing VS Whole Life insurance

  This is probably the biggest question of all times. We’ve been sold on an idea for decades coming from the sole beneficiary of this financial plan… The life insurance company itself! Many think that because you own a whole life policy, you can put money into your life insurance policy and that the money grows without paying income taxes, that it covers all the benefits. Wrong! For most people, having a life insurance protection is the single most important financial transaction they will make. Mainly, it covers all the financial responsibilities you still have but are no longer on earth to make

Employer-Paid Life Insurance… Do We Need More?

  Many people have the fortunate experience to work with a company that takes charge of many little details to make their life better, easier to manage and at a lesser cost. It could be medical insurance, dental insurance or life insurance. When we take a look at the first 2, there is not much that we can do to improve the group-paid plan of an employer. It usually has the advantage to be at a lower cost because it gathers a lot of people in the same policy so the insurer is willing to charge  far less. Sometimes, you

Life Insurance For Investors

  When looking to invest your money, you need to use financial intelligence in order to maximise your outcome. And some distinctions have to be made regarding life insurance in an investment strategy: yes, you can use it, but not at all cost! Protect your investment The sole use of any kind of insurance is to protect an asset in case of something bad happens (like a car insurance) OR protect a liability (like a mortgage). When dealing with life insurance, the same logic applies. This means that when making an investment, you should always look at your financial context

Not Knowing How Life Insurance Works Can Hurt Your Future!

When opening the life insurance subject, sometimes people get a negative reaction. Maybe that comes from the fact that it is not a subject that we like to talk about in the first place. I’d like to share a story that is important to me because the client became a great friend of mine and I’ve met him and his wife on a soccer field, coaching his son how to play soccer. I was telling him, Cedric, that I would like to sit down with them talking about the different strategies to build a financial plan. They were open to see

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