April 2013

Life Insurance Needs.. What To Do Now That We Have A Kid?

There are all kinds of life insurance policies of course and depending on your needs, your specific situation and what you can afford to pay, chances are that you’ll end up with a specific insurance policy, hopefully the right one. I personally ended up buying a 20 year policy after getting married. We knew that we were going to buy a house in the following months so the main focus was on making sure that if something happened to one of us, the remaining partner would not have too much of a financial burden. We basically got enough to pay

Life Insurance Needs… Should I Renew My Term Policy?

As many of you know, I personally ended up buying a term life insurance policy. and while I still have quite a few years left on my policy, I had an interesting discussion with my uncle about what to do when a term life insurance policy is coming up for renewal.  The first question of course is how to know. Yes, ideally you can set yourself some kind of reminder while you do your annual insurance review. Why? Because the worst thing that could happen is for you to have something bad happen while you have no current life policy.

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